• 首届“社会性别研究与实践”艺术交流季 LookOUT FESTIVAL 2018

    由易卜生国际主办,爱滋徒步协办,中央戏剧学院戏剧策划与应用专业合作的首届“社会性别研究与实践”艺术交流季(LookOUT FESTIVAL),从7月6日起开启为期4天18场的展演、讲座、放映、讨论会等多形式交流活动,深入探索性别宇宙的世界。首届交流季主题“星河无际”,意在立足于我,远望人类性/别之璀璨多元。


    The First Chinese Arts Festival on Gender, organized by Ibsen International, co-organized by China AIDS Walk, and in collaboration with the Faculty for Dramaturgy and Applied Theatre Studies of the Central Academy of Drama, will begin on July 6th in Beijing and consist of 18 total performances over the course of 4 days. This year's theme "Beyond" is an invitation - to look up and imagine a world without restrictions.


    活动日程 Program

    Day 1: 周五7月6日(开幕日)/ Friday July 6th (Opening Day)

    • 16:00 讲座:男性气质的多样性 Lecture on Men & Masculinity
    • 19:30 开幕演出:舞蹈《两男公寓》 Opening Performance, Dance, Two Room Apartment
    • 21:00 开幕酒会 Opening Reception


    Day 2: 周六7月7日 / Saturday July 7th 13:00-20:00

    • 话剧《布鲁斯、布兰达、大卫》
    • Drama, Bruce, Brenda and David
    • 话剧《跨娚》
    • Drama, Kua Nan (Transgender)
    • 文献剧《爬行动物》
    • Documentary Theatre on Freedom, Crawlers
    • 声响装置《男人空间》
    • Sound Installation, Men Space
    • 纪录片《芭比娃娃》
    • Documentary, Barbie Doll

    Day 3: 周日7月8日/ Sunday July 8th 13:00-20:00

    • 专题讨论:女性,呈现和台前幕后的权力
    • Panel Discussion: Women, Representation & Power on and off stage
    • 影像装置《卖火柴的小女孩》
    • Video Installation, The Little Match Girl
    • 话剧《乐园》
    • Scenic Reading, Playground
    • 音乐话剧《异己》
    • Musical Drama, YiJi-A Self that Differs
    • 影像/声音装置《Grrrrrrrrrrrr》
    • Video/ Sound Installation, Grrrrrrrrrrrr
    • 实验短片《Untitled-3》
    • Experimental Short Video, Untitled-3
    • 闭幕演出
    • Closing Performance

    Day 4: 周日7月15日/ Sunday July 15th (需单独购票 Tickets sold separately)

    • 14:30-16:00 Choir Theatre, Selling Peanuts
    • 19:30-21:00 Choir Theatre, Selling Peanuts


    *Please follow our WeChat account and stay tuned for more information on specific shows!


    参与方式 Get Your Passes


    • 单日入场券:凭券可参加当天全天活动:150元/人(现场),99元/人(早鸟)

    • 三日入场券:凭券可参加7月6-8日期间的所有活动(部分活动需提前预约),另可受邀参加开闭幕式酒会,与艺术家近距离接触!399元/人

    • 爱心券:不能亲临现场参与的朋友,可购票“爱心入场券”作为善款捐赠给爱滋徒步,我们将根据实际情况,将您购买的门票赠送给其他有需要但经济上有困难的朋友。100元/人


    This festival is not-for-profit. All participants need to hold valid tickets. Although the estimated income from selling tickets won't cover all costs of organizing this event, we try our best to set affordable prices with the hope to engage a wider audience in discussing gender related issues. All proceeds will go directly to offset costs of venue rental, sound & lighting tech team, and supporting community-based art groups to perform publicly.

    • Single Day Pass will be good for enjoying one day's program. 150 RMB at the door and 99 RMB for an early bird.

    • Three-Day Pass will be good for all programs from July 6-8 (Note: a few performances require reservations). This pass also includes an invitation to the Opening Reception and After Party. Great chance to interact with artists! 399 RMB

    • Love Pass is for those who can't make it in person but would like to donate to China AIDS Walk. We'll pass along your kindness by giving tickets to those in need but with limited resources. 100 RMB

    购券须知 A Few Tips

    • 所有门券一旦售出,无法退换;

      Tickets can't be changed or refunded once booked;

    • 场地地址信息将在活动开始前3日内通过购券时预留的联系方式提供。

      Venue info will be provided within 3 days prior to the event through the means provided when booking tickets;

    • 成功付款后会收到购券电子回执,活动开场前半个小时凭回执到现场换取入场券。

      An e-ticket will be automatically sent to you once you've made a successful payment; Please change and check your tickets at the venue 30 min before the show starts;

    • 支持支付宝、微信购买。

      AliPay and Wechat Pay are both accepted;

    • 购票如遇任何困难,请联系票务组:cuizixiao@ChinaAIDSWalk.cn

      If you encouter any problem when booking tickets, please contact Cuizixiao@ChinaAIDSWalk.cn



    Organizer: Ibsen International


    Co-Organizer: China AIDS Walk


    In collabration with Faculty for Dramaturgy and Applied Theatre Studies of the Central Academy of Drama


    Supported by: Royal Norwegian Embassy in Beijing, Goethe-Institute China, Frontier Center


    艺术总监:丰翼(Fabrizio Massini)

    Artistic Director: Fabrizio Massini

    联合策划:海格·托瑞森(Hege Randi Tørrensen)、李亦男、凯·图赫曼(Kai Tuchmann)、杨刚

    Co-Curator: Hege Randi Tørrensen, LI Yinan, Kai Tuchmann, Martin Yang


    Executive Producer: LAI Huihui


    Producer: Jennifer Zhang


    Technical Director: WANG Qixu


    Graphic Designer: Jiago Li


    Tickets: CUI Zixiao

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    2015年10月,爱滋徒步在北京佑安医院、北京地坛医院设置回收点,收集艾滋病病毒感染者所服用抗病毒药物的药瓶。由这些药瓶组成的装置作品取名为《众生》,在北京炎黄艺术馆《爱IN CHINA》艺术展中展出,意在改变大众对于艾滋病无法治疗、很快死亡的错误认知,进一步消除歧视。


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