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“9月12日的长城活动不仅仅是简单的徒步,而是想要凭借4-5小时长城徒步激励更多的喜爱公益徒步的朋友,让大家有一个更加充分交流的公益平台。徒步长城的过程中还会有各种有意思的小活动,让参与者的体验变得有创意、有趣和充满爱心。 记住,这不仅仅是个简单的徒步。
China AIDS Walk is not only a simple climbing, but want to rely on 4-5 hours' hiking the Great Wall to encourage more people who like hiking very much, including HIV positive friends . Also we will hold some variety of interesting activities during the hiking, let the participants to experience more creative, fun and full of love。 Remember, this is not just a simple walk.

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